Standing with our Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community

As a network of leaders grounded in values of justice and community, we are deeply saddened to see the alarming increase of violence against the Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. 

AAPI folx have been the target of racist policies and acts of violence throughout history. However, instances of verbal and physical violence against AAPI individuals have dramatically risen by 150% in the past year and most recently with the mass murder in Atlanta that claimed the lives of eight individuals, six of whom were Asian women.

YNPN condemns all acts of xenophobia, discrimination, racism, and violence against the AAPI community. Delaina Ashley Yaun. Paul Andre Michels. Xiaojie Tan. Daoyou Feng. And so many others. They deserve to be here today. Our hearts ache alongside everyone who has been on the receiving end of hatred and harm, and in particular to those who have lost their loved ones. 

To our AAPI members, we stand in solidarity with you. For those hurting, seek comfort and safety and do what is needed to help facilitate your healing or rest. Know that you belong here and we are here for you.

For those who do not identify as AAPI, take this time to listen to those within the AAPI community. Honor their stories and follow their lead on calls for action. 

YNPN has and continues to work toward a more just and equitable San Diego through community education,   collaboration with nonprofits and individuals working to combat systemic inequities and racism, and attention to making our programming and spaces inclusive and safe. To combat systemic hate we have to move beyond words of condemnation, and take action as a community that stands in solidarity against anti-Asian violence. 

Join us in our commitment to doing the work to make our community one where everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and belonging. The work that we do internally is just as crucial as the values we stand by externally. In case it’s helpful, you can find some of the resources we are utilizing in the section below.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly if there are thoughts you’d like to share and/or support that you need.


In solidarity,

YNPN San Diego Board of Directors


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