About Us

Our Mission:

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of San Diego (YNPN San Diego/YNPNsd) activates emerging leaders by connecting them with the resources, people and ideas they need to advance the nonprofit sector.

Our Vision:

A high impact network of leaders committed to innovation, advocacy and philanthropy.

Our Values:



We believe that personal development is a lifelong journey, and that one may fail in order to succeed. We curate opportunities to learn new things, and share our individual and collective achievements along the way. 


We build connections and a space of belonging for nonprofit professionals in the San Diego region by embracing our shared and diverse lived experiences. We believe a key to happiness is the ability to be seen and heard for who you are.


We strive to challenge systemic problems in the social sector by amplifying marginalized voices and promoting equity in our programming, policies, and practices. We treat others with respect, fairness, and integrity---and expect the same in return.


We believe anyone can be a leader no matter their professional position, and we actively work to expand the definition of leadership. Leaders recognize the value in those around them, take initiative towards positive change, and are courageous in the face of adversity. 


As the saying goes, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” We take risks and have fun. We encourage exploration and seek exposure to the unique historical, natural, and cultural landscape of the San Diego region.  


Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, ideas, and contributions of all of our members. We innovate by incorporating diverse voices and perspectives in the design of our programs, communications, and operations.

Chapter Leadership:

YNPN San Diego is led by emerging leaders from the San Diego nonprofit community, governing as a Board of Directors and using the experience to develop our individual and organizational knowledge about outstanding leadership.

Our strategic priorities are...

  • Developing professionalized processes that support an engaged member base and ensure data-driven decision making.
  • Functioning as the premier organization young nonprofit leaders and local nonprofit organizations turn to for professional development resources and networking opportunities.
  • Raising awareness about challenges facing the nonprofit sector and advocates for potential solutions.

Therefore we seek to…

  • Recruit and connect emerging leaders to leadership opportunities
  • Educate emerging leaders on best practices and new strategies
  • Collaborate with other nonprofits, professional networks, and organizations to cultivate San Diego's nonprofit "hub"
  • Deliver innovative and relevant programming to our members
  • Advocate for emerging leaders and the nonprofit sector
  • Empower emerging leaders to step up and take on a variety of leadership roles within and outside YNPNsd!

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