How to Prepare for a Professional Headshot


Rich Soublet

Tips & Tricks from Rich Soublet

Getting in front of the camera can seem intimidating, but at YNPN we're here to make sure you can put your best foot forward! Our annual Headshot Happy Hour is just around the corner. Our photographer Rich Soublet has kindly shared with us some insights to make sure you are ready to go.

"The best thing you can keep in mind is to know that you are in good hands with someone who has done headshots for over 300 people THIS YEAR ALONE," says Rich.

"I see a lot of faces and I make it my mission to make sure every single one looks the absolute best possible. Remember that you are unique, you are beautiful and interesting, and you are worth it.

What are ideal colors/types of clothing to wear for professional photos?

Try to stick to solid colors. Really the most important thing is to avoid busy / plunging necklines or busy patterns.

AshleyThe simpler the top the better. Blues / Purples even Oranges photograph really well. Grays are almost always a safe bet. I would say avoid black as a shirt but it's good for a jacket. Colorful ties are great as long as the pattern isn't too busy. You want the color to accent your eyes if possible. Really only your top matters, you can wear whatever kind of pants that make you happy because we simply won't be seeing them in a headshot!

The backdrop will be white, but it's going to photograph as a light grey.

What sorts of accessories work best in headshots?


Avoid big / distracting jewelry. Much like with your clothes, you want the attention to be on your face! Your expression should be what draws in the viewer, not your accessories! With that in mind I would say keep your makeup simple. Large false eyelashes are very attention grabbing and I do recommend avoiding them. Be nice to your brows! Remember, your brows should be sisters and not twins, don't over pluck to the point where we see where your skin is lighter underneath them. The less jewelry the better. Keep earrings small / to studs and keep necklaces small / unobtrusive if you even wear one at all

How do we get  into the right mindset for our professional headshots?Reanne

Most importantly for having your headshot taken? Put that stock smile in your back pocket and leave it there. A headshot session should feel organic. Your photographer should interact with you and suss out the best way to get an expression that will serve you. If you want to laugh or make funny faces DO IT. Do anything but don't just stand frozen in place. If you hold an expression for too long it will look held in your photo.

Why are headshots important for young professionals?

If you are a professional that deals with clients in any capacity, having a great headshot is an asset. Nevermind if you are currently job seeking, or if you plan on ever speaking at any events where they may ask for a photo. A professional headshot let's people know that you took the time to invest in your image, and that you take your career seriously.


For more of Rich's work, visit his website here.