Join the Advisory Board

YNPN San Diego is looking for people with the passion and time to guide YNPN San Diego's growth as an organization. Advisory Board members are responsible for developing YNPN San Diego in a way that helps accomplish our mission: activating emerging leaders by connecting them with the resources, people, and ideas they need to advance the social sector.

Serving on the YNPN San Diego Board is an awesome opportunity to put your skills to use and take your involvement with YNPN to the next level as we build the systems and capacity of our organization. It's also a great way to focus on your own professional development by meeting new people, enhancing your leadership skills and expanding your network. 


Ideal board candidates have:

  • A commitment to social justice and an understanding of the importance of equipping a deep, diverse bench of nonprofit leaders with the skills and networks they’ll need to make an impact
  • The ability to balance idea generation with execution
  • The enthusiasm and, most importantly, the time to commit to your Board tenure 
  • Willingness to not just “do” but also help develop systems and make our work sustainable

Board members have the overall fiscal and managerial responsibility for YNPN San Diego. They are charged with the supervision and oversight of the YNPN mission. They are responsible for making decisions, delegating work, and assuring that decisions are carried out in the manner intended.

YNPN San Diego accepts application for new Board members annually starting in September. Interviews will take place in October and new Board members will be notified in November.

Application submissions are now open. Please download the application packet to get started. If you encounter any issues with the YNPN San Diego 2017 Board Application Packet and/or Top Sheet, email 

Download packet

Application is due by: October 31, 2017

Submit completed application to PDF format is encouraged. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

Items to Submit:

  1. YNPN San Diego 2017 Board Application Top Sheet (1 page)

  2. Current Resume (1-2 pages)

  3. Letter of Intent answering the following questions (1-2 pages):

    • How many years have you worked/volunteered in the nonprofit sector and in what capacity?
    • Describe your current and past leadership roles, including board participation.
    • What interests you about serving on the YNPN San Diego board?
    • What unique experience would you contribute to the YNPN San Diego board?
    • What are the causes that you're passionate about and why? 

Download packet


If you're not ready to commit to board service, consider volunteering on one of our committees.