Member Spotlight: Emily Coldiron

Emily Coldiron

Senior Program Manager at CoachArt

"We all have something to share and give, and I think it’s becoming even more important as we all process the stress and uncertainty around us right now."

What made you decide to join YNPN San Diego?

I wanted to make some new friends and get to know the San Diego non-profit world a little bit better. I moved from LA two years ago and I still feel relatively new to San Diego.

How has your YNPN San Diego board service impacted your career?

Pre-COVID I made some great connections and we were in the process of planning an event with another local non-profit. I definitely hope to pick up where things left off once things start returning to normal again!

What is one of your top values? How does it play a role in your personal and/or professional life?

I have always been very passionate about mentorship and creating new opportunities for young people. One of the things I really enjoy about my job now is being able to facilitate new relationships and help connect people from different walks of life. We all have something to share and give, and I think it’s becoming even more important as we all process the stress and uncertainty around us right now.

What is a personal strategy or self-care practice you’ve used to cope with the impacts of COVID-19?

Creative expression is a big one for me. I love painting, drawing, writing, and making things. I’ve knit three sweaters since stay-at-home orders started haha. I also love being outdoors and staying active - I’ve ran six marathons and hope to run another one next year!

What has been your organization’s response to COVID-19?

CoachArt has been fortunate enough to start offering our programs virtually. Our most exciting opportunity this summer is an ongoing six week, five-day virtual summer camp for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Since it’s virtual, we’ve been able to offer it to kids in some brand new cities across the US!

What was the most beneficial or meaningful experience you had as a YNPN San Diego member?

I loved connecting with new people and forging partnerships that can benefit the families we serve.

What is a career aspiration you have?

I’d like to eventually create a program for teens that focuses on entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started in their non-profit career?

Advocate for yourself! I think it’s really easy to downplay your strengths (especially if you are a woman or person of color!) You have to be vocal about what you need from your work environment.

What are you currently working on either in your work or outside of it?

I’m currently knee-deep in my role as a virtual Camp Director, but outside of that I’m learning to play guitar. This week I’m working on learning “A Day in the Life” by the Beatles.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I’m proud of our San Diego CoachArt office because it didn’t exist two years ago!

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